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Mediterranean Table | 7PM - 11PM


Sourdough bread, butter

3,5 €

Local cheese and charcuterie platter

21 €

Main menu

Homemade focaccia, hummus with paprika, homemade labneh cheese with kimchi cucumber, fish roe mousse with lemon confit, homemade pickles, olive tapenade

13 €

Belladona tomato, tsalafoyti and anthotyro cheese from Naypaktos, herbs, sea salt

6 €

Burrata from Thessaloniki, pickled tomatoes

9 €

Half baked shrimps on fire, cucumber, tomato water

12 €

Ceasar's salad, radicchio and iceberg, pancetta affumicata, graviera, sourdough crust

11 €

"Athinaiki" tartare with sea bream, carrot and potato, crispy phyllo

13 €

Beef tartare, quince puree, potato chips

14 €

Tiganopsomo with feta and graviera, black truffle, charcuterie from Kerkira

9 €

Traditional saitia, wild greens, yogurt with herbs

9 €

Arancino, beef stew with spices and tomato, kefalotyri cream

9 €

Onion "dolma", pork knuckle, pork belly, egg lemon sauce

9 €

Bouillabaisse, saffran, rouille

17 €

Soup with young goat, lettuce and herbs, trachanas, egg lemon sauce

14 €

Spaghetti with butternut, stracciatella, buerre noisette and sage

16 €

Papardelle with lamb, onion pickle, manouromizithra

18 €

Manti, minced meat with spices, tomato with herbs, yogurt with garlic

14 €

With good company

(2-4 persons)

Salted cod, lemon butter sauce, capers and herbs

36 €

Pork schnitzel, buerre noisette with capers and shallots, tartare sauce, sage

28 €

Ossobuco bourguignon, orzo cooked with the sauce of the meat

34 €


Potato puree

4 €

Baby potatoes with chives

4 €

Wild greens

4 €


Mille crepe, orange cream, caramel, vanilla ice cream

9 €

Chocolate mousse, hazelnut textures, salt

9 €

Gateau au chocolat, coffee creme anglaise

9 €

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