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Our Story

the chill journey

Quality has no labels in this restaurant in Pagrati, Athens. Neither the people. 
How would you feel if someone was saying “enjoy your fucking dinner”?. Surprise? Maybe. Intimacy? It’s possible. However, the contrast between the chilliness of the word “enjoy” and the intensity of the word “fucking” is an interesting philosophy reflected in Lost Athens aesthetics. 
The menu is influenced by international cuisines without any gastronomic restrictions, in addition to high quality. The dishes are sorted according to your appetite and not to any “official” rules. You will find dishes, which will be enjoyed by hand, fork, fork and spoon, fork and knife and, of course, a selection of desserts to be tasted with a spoon.
Last but not least, on of the most exceptional features; of Lost Athens is the list of Greek beers from innovative microbreweries across the whole country, featured in the fridge in order to remind you another, not so well-known, side of Greece’ domestic production.